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Belles images, bon casting, bonne ambiance, et très sensuel. Je reconnais quelques mouvements tangueros. A continuer, super! Bravo.

Captivating images, great cast, lovely ambiance and very sensual. Some tango moves are recognizable. Well done! Keep going!

Claude Vittiglio

Journalist, TV5 Monde


Julia Juliati

Julia Juliati

Producer Director

Julia runs her successful photography and film business empowering her clients in their search for self growth, confidence and self esteem. Julia has received numerous honors and accolades of excellence in local and international competitions. Her dance films and documentaries have been screened in numerous venues and inspired many to dream big and pursue their passion.

Filmography has taken her artistic adventures into new territory, meshing her love for dance, and psychology of human connection with each other, with your own senses and desires.

Julia has created beautiful cinematography projects incorporating her love for dance and her sensual style, bringing the viewer to a very new angle of the visual experience.

Ronny Dutra

Ronny Dutra

Choreographer, Actor, Dancer

Ronny Dutra most recently produced and starred in “WAVE”, his autobiographical show telling his journey from his humble roots in Brazil, to the fast paced world of competitive dance in New York City, leading the audience on a musical adventure about one man’s pursuit to make a dream come true. Having sold out runs and rave reviews.

Prior he was seen in “SWAY – A dance trilogy”, one of the most innovative and creative ballroom dance shows ever produced, sharing the stage with truly remarkable dancers, including world-renowned names and some from Dancing With the Stars (Tony Dovolani, Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy). He also starred at Legally Blonde, II Foreign Exchange and as “Mark Cohen” in the Brazilian production of the remarkable musical RENT.Ronny’s love of the arts transcends format; whether he’s producing, singing, acting, or choreographing, for him it’s always about “sharing the experience”. About bringing new feelings or insights to the viewer.

Ronny’s extensive knowledge of human physiology and behavior allows him to help his partners reach a new level of performance that is both unique and highly intelligent.

Essi Ameyi

Essi Ameyi

Marketing Communication

Essi AMEYI  took from her father her writing skills, that led her to release articles for Maison Lejaby, Kate Jablonski, Monique Laville after attending a Bachelor degree of languages applied to international commerce (L.E.A. in France).

Her passion for lingerie made her a perfect connoisseur of the most refined lingerie brands as she would work for companies such as Groupe Chantelle, Aubade or Sonia Rykiel. That experience also enables her to have an in-depth understanding of customers desires and wills on the shop floor.

Curious about broadening her horizons, very pleasant to be around and eager to propose innovative ideas and ventures, Essi AMEYI lately participated in the making of the new dance film PLEASURE where she operated as the facilitator who connected Julia Juliati and Ronny Dutra with the luxurious lingerie brands Maison Cadolle and Zimmerli of Switzerland.”This is the BBC World Service. The BBC was my first intructor; I started learning English on my own through the BBC radio broadcast. I was about 7-8, then. Just because I fell in love with the language it has become my passion. Also passion for anything that causes me a stir: emotionally, artistically, creatively, technically, profoundly. Likewise when somebody has the chance to do what they are passionate about as their profession, they are no longer working but just enjoying the process and having fun. In the end isn’t it the purpose of life!Three main features to describe myself: O.S.S.: Observer (contemplative), Sesquipidalian (talkative), Stubborn (determined when I want something)”

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